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things i told the internet, but didn’t tell my mom
35mm film scans
some pictures about my backwards concept of privacy.

i. it’s getting bad again
ii. this week i am struggling with self doubt and the transition from iced coffee to hot coffee
iii. i want to puke and sleep for six days
iv. i still can’t sit on your couch without shaking
v. i need other people to validate that i am important because i can’t do it for myself
vi. no one else has ever told me that i am desirable with the lights on

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Magazine: Near East Magazine #1
Photographer: Robi Rodriguez
Model: Valerija Kelava 

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Cecilia Paredes 


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Untitled (Fold) by Tauba Auerbach 2012


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"Bikini" photographed by vincent peters for jalouse no. 21, 1999

this is creepy and cool

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spot the error / studio - march

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Cliff Briggie

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