everything in nature looks like a vagina, and everything man made looks like a penis. you compensating, you compensating hard


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Jenny HolzerInflammatory Essays, 1979-1982

In a statement provided by the Holzer studio, the Inflammatory Essays are described as “a collection of 100-word texts that were printed on colored paper and posted throughout New York City. Like any manifesto, the voice in each essay urges and espouses a strong and particular ideology. By masking the author of the essays, Holzer allows the viewer to assess ideologies divorced from the personalities that propel them. With this series, Holzer invites the reader to consider the urgent necessity of social change, the possibility for manipulation of the public, and the conditions that attend revolution.

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very needed on my blog.

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Les amours imaginaires (Xavier Dolan, 2010)

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Maria de Medeiros in Pulp Fiction

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Making everything a mystery, Prue Stent

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Ľudmila Machová

from the series Lost swimming pools


acrylic on canvas

180 x 122 cm

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zahid mövla, cheesecloth study #2, pen on paper, 42 x 29.7 cm

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